November 24, 2005

Now that i have everyones attention I need an air ride setup (brackets, bags, 4 link, the whole schebang) I have a freshly rebuilt 2.3 motor (0 miles) just drop it in and go (out of an 86 mustang). I know a lot of you guys out there have wholesale accounts or experience to build or get me what i need and i want to trade stright up. I have come across a v8 for the right price and decided i don't need this motor lying around I also have A mazda 2.2 motor (50 miles) complete with header (pacesetter ceramic) carb swap (holley 5200) new clutch all new ignition. I want to do the same thing with. I also need 17" escalade wheels, caddy tails with buckets, full shave kit, suicide door hinges, and a fuel cell. I know you've got it so let me know, i'm sure we can work something out